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Ultimatech elevators take immense pleasure in stating that we are one of the fastest growing and The Best Elevator companies in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are specialized in the field of supplying, installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators.

We provide solutions for a wide variety of lift- related products and services in

  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Repair and Maintenance Our focus is on providing customised solutions to meet our valuable customer needs. Ultimatech elevators provides a best elevator service and contribute to achieve and support additional growth of Indian economy. You can always count on us to provide the best solution for your project.

We are



Our Promises to our customers

  • Ensure that our products are safe
  • Uncompromising on work quality
  • Respond promptly to your requests
  • Persistently follow up on every work, to meet your expectations
  • Address any challenges in a timely manner
  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude

These promises help us to deliver Service Excellence. By keeping these promises, we will provide outstanding service around the world.


To ensure a trouble free operation we have a motivated team of engineers, technicians is pressed in to service. We offer comprehensive maintenance at reasonable packages, we are the Best elevator service providers in Bangalore.


Ultimatech elevators unit is well established and Maintained. We Build Elevators According to the customer requirement and specifications, the components used in our elevators are of industry set norms and international standards and can be customized as per customer needs.

What We do?

Here are some of our expertise

passegers elevator


Our Passenger Elevators are distributed in various series to fit the requirement of each and every type of building including affordable housing as well as premium housing.

MRL elevator


A huge space saver compared to conventional elevators, MRL elevators do not require an overhead machine room. The machine is placed in the hoist way itself.

panoramic elevator


An indispensable feature in most commercial buildings, Capsule elevators provide the perfect view of the mall within the building. The glass exteriors provides perfect aesthetic quality to your building.

home elevator


Ultimatech Elevators Home Elevator is a Simple yet a very effective Vertical Transportation solution for your Row House, Bungalow, Villa, Duplex Apartment or Pent House.

hospital elevator


Backed by a team of qualified and skilled professionals, we bring forth Hospital Lift that is specifically designed to support patients who cannot walk from one place to the other. .


Ultimatech – We elevate your life. We swear to make the modern world !

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Assuring our Best services all the time.


Best Elevator Company in Bangalore

Ultimatech Elevators have always taken care of small and big demands of all type of lifts or elevators in Bangalore. There are many elevator companies in Bangalore but when we consider about the quality, Ultimatech Elevator comes as the unbeatable champion.

Ultimatech Elevators have always kept the customer satisfaction as its first priority, As one of the well known and the Best elevator companies in Bangalore We offer the best elevaror service of all kinds. We have worked on huge number of projects and manufactured elevators of various kinds including hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, machine room less elevators etc,. As one of the fastest growing elevator company in Bangalore, we manufacture elevators that need very less maintenance and also the cost of maintenance is very low.

The Best lift company in Bangalore, Ultimatech elevators have worked on various of projects based on all type of elevators or lifts and had a great response from the customers in Bangalore.


We are proud on ourselves on our deep understanding of customer needs on ensuring your existing Lift / elevator is kept running smoothly throughout its lifetime.


We maintain all brands and models of Lifts or Elevators.

We have created a unique maintenance plan tailored to your site and your elevator / Lift. Our professional staff speaks in your language, knows your elevator of any brand and situation, and can dispatch a service technician to resolve your problem. We are the Best Elevator or lift service company servicing any brand of elevators / lifts.

we provide EXPERT HELP FROM SKILLED, QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS Our service technicians are dedicated and highly trained professionals who keep your elevators/ lifts, and doors working smoothly and safely. They are very well trained on technical, safety, customer service, and first aid keeping safety as our first preority. Our service technicians also have a complete technical knowledge in enabling fast problem solving and servicing of all brands and types of lifts / elevators, and resolving most of the issues in a single visit.

Ultimatech Elevators preventive Annual maintenance service (AMC) helps prevent problems before they appear. We maintain your Lift / elevator based on its usage, age, and other relevant factors. Your tailor made plan ensures that all individual components and systems are serviced at the right time and according to all relevant regulations, no matter which ever the brand of your lift is. We are Best Elevator Service provider in Bangalore In order to keep your Lift safe and running smoothly, we will suggest if repair or modernization is required based on a condition check.

For Servicing Lift of any Brand please give a call to +91 95912 74568

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Lift / Elevator Modernization

We Mordernize your Old Elevators / lifts giving them a new life with appearance and efficiency.

* Full elevator or Lift replacement service in Bangalore

With full elevator replacement we install a brand-new Ultimatech elevator in the existing shaft, giving you all the benefits of a modern elevator which is hassle free. We recommend full replacementof your lift if your elevator has a cramped car, takes a long time to travel between floors, is often out of order and is more than 15 years old.

Ultimatech Elevators full elevator replacement will improve user safety and comfort, increase building values and reduce unplanned repair costs.

*Modular Modernization of Elevators

Modular modernization is recommended if the overall condition of your lift or elevator is still functional, but updating some systems would significantly improve its performance and appearance. You will get benefitted from the latest technology and keep your lift or elevator in line with the latest regulations with no inconvenience to your tenants and visitors. With Modular modernization we cover areas like the hoisting machinery, electrification system, signalization, elevator car, and doors.

By Modernizing the controller and electrification system of an old lift or elevator we can improve the reliability, eco-efficiency, safety, and accessibility of the Lift or Elevator. Our electrification solutions are quick to install, there will be no or very less disruption for building residents and users.

Some times the Hoisting unit has to be replaced, the hoisting unit is the part of your lift or elevator that does the hard work. Replacing wornout or outdated machinery is better for maintaining safety, efficiency and comfort of your Lift.

The Interiors of the elevator should be in a good shape while the car interior is worn and outdated it has to be replaced and modernized. Our car modernizations bring the interior up to date with a range of modern and durable design options and accessories. We are the Best Elevator Interior Maintenance company in Bangalore.

The elevator signalization systems improve accessibility, aesthetics, safety, and convenience for passengers. They provide fast & convenient communication with the building management system in case of emergencies. Replacing the worn out signalization system with new parts is recommended.

Doors are the important aspects in a lift or Elevator, Adding a new, automatic door to your old elevator improves safety & aesthetics. Our lightweight automatic doors maximize space inside the car and feature smooth, quiet operation. We are the Best Elevator or Lift Door Replacement company in Bangalore

* Elevator or Lift Component Upgrades

Upgrading the components of your lift or elevator is a quick and cost-effective way to make smaller improvements to the efficiency, performance, and safety of your elevator or Lift. We offer a wide range of upgrades covering areas like the elevator door operator, signalization, and lighting system. We are the Best Elevator component replacing company in Bangalore.

If incase your Lift or elevator is approaching a 10 year lifetime, it is the be time to plan for small upgrades to your Lift. We can help identify how to easily and cost-effectively keep your elevator running safely and smoothly. Component upgrades can be often installed during planned maintenance visits.

Your Lift or Elevator performance can be highly improved by modernizing components like the control system and door operators. These upgrades improve reliability, leveling accuracy, waiting time, and accessibility of your Lift or Elevator.

Upgrading your elevator’s electrification system, control system and car lighting system can significantly reduce the amount of energy it consumes. As well as making your elevator more eco-efficient, these upgrades also reduce your operating costs.

Best Elevator Company in Bangalore

We have a strong presence in Commercial complexes, Residential Segments or Apartments, Individual Homes and Villas

Lift / Elevator Enhancements

Smart and flexible enhansment services are provided in order for ease of access, communication, destination control and equipment monitoring

Ultimatech Elevators Private Limited is one of the Best elevator manufacturer in Bangalore, Karnatka. We are a well known and reputed lift manufacturing company in Bangalore providing high quality elevators including elevator components for all types of elevators in Bangalore and also Best elevator servicing company in Bangalore, Karnataka Providing Best elevator or Lift Service in Bangalore.

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