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If you’ve ever been in an elevator when the building power supply fails then you know the feeling of anxiety that can be experienced when the elevator stops and the car interior lights go out.With today’s available technology you should not have to experience such anxiety in the event of a building’s power failure.You can equip you elevator with a failsafe device, which can overcome this type of event.Ultimatech Emergency Lighting and Alarm Bell provides lighting in the elevator car in the event of power failure as well as enabling the alarm bell allowing passengers to alert building personnel and thus to establish contact.

Some of the reassuring benefits of this device include
  • Reduced passenger anxiety and tension in the event of power failure.
  • Building tenant and visitor comfort.
  • Enhanced safety and security…peace of mind.
  • Value added building services
  • Allows building owners and managers to exercise their duty of care towards building tenants and visitors.


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The Car Overload Device prevents the elevator doors from closing while a lift is loaded beyond its rated load capacity and simultaneously sounds a warning buzzer as well as providing visual indication.

Benefits of the Car Overload Device include
  • Prevents the lift from travelling in an unsafe condition.
  • Promotes passenger safety and comfort by avoiding overloading.


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Regular inspection of equipment in the lift shaft is vital to ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation of the lift. Inspecting the lift shaft requires the lift technician as well as statutory lift inspectors to travel on top of the lift car. A Top of Car Inspection unit allows technicians and inspectors to safely ride on top of the lift by giving them total control of the lift. The lift can be driven independently at slow speed to allow inspection and service. Top of Car Inspection also allows building owners and mangers to exercise their duty of care requirements towards providing a safe working environment.

Benefits of Top of Car Inspection include
  • Allows building owners and mangers to satisfy their duty of care requirements regarding providing a safe working environment.
  • May add value to the building by virtue of enhanced safety and hence reduced potential liabilities.
  • Helps building comply with current statutory requirements.


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Our Elevators are highly beneficial as well as safe and provide ease of access to other floors in the building, provide a safer route for carrying things from floor to floor, and adds significant value to your building.

Aside from the best quality and durability of our products, they’re equipped with features that prevent injury and misuse. Our elevator regulations cover everything from the construction of the elevator shaftway, weight limit, speed, and travel distance.

Safety features include:

Door Interlocks

Door interlocks at each landing is provided to prevent any door accessing the elevator from being open if the cab is not at that particular landing.

Safety Sensors

There are two main types of safety sensors for elevators:

Door sensors and Pit sensors.
Door Sensor

Door sensors prevent the elevator doors from closing if an object is detected. They use infrared or LED lighting to create a curtain of sorts, illuminating the entry way to the elevator cab at the landing.

Pit Sensor

Elevator pit sensors detect anything that might be in the pit and if something is detected, the elevator will not operate.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are required for operation. They must be installed in the shaftway.

3″ Rule

The 3″ rule as it applies to elevators refers to the space at the footing between the elevator and the landing. The rule says that the space cannot exceed 3″. This ensures that people and small pets do not fall through and trap them.

Elevator Phone

A landline must be active and connected to the cab phone inside the elevator.

Emergency Backup

An uninterruptible power supply is required for home elevators and is located inside the machine room. In the event of a power failure (power outage or shortage), the battery backup activates and lowers the cab to the first stop so you can exit safely.


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Key-Operated Emergency Stop Switch prevents a passenger from victimizing another passenger by pressing the elevator stop button between floors. The new Key-Operated Stop Switch is designed to improve passenger safety and security.

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